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newsmagazine - article: Press Release Intermor Cologne 2014

K73 M+S

Recent changes to Germany’s  drivers’ license regulations have had a positive effect on the growth of the midsize-motorcycle market segment.

Up to now, the most commonly used tire size combination for this segment, 120/70 and 160/60-17, has not been available in the “M+S” marked version which German law requires for winter conditions.

To fill the gap in this growing market, Heidenau will introduce the already popular K73 pattern in a special winter-version with “M+S”-marking. As all HEIDENAU motorcycle winter tires, these new tires will be manufactured using high-grade silica compounds  to minimize braking distances and maximize grip on cold and wet road surfaces.

The combination of carcass, compound and open tread design ensures the traction required for winter conditions including mud and/or snow.

The tires will be on the market in mid October.


120/70-17 M/C 58H TL K73 M+S SiO2
160/60-17 M/C 69H TL K73 M+S SiO2


New Sizes for the K60 Scout

At the INTERMOT Fair in Cologne this October, we will introduce the new K60-Scout sizes, 120/70 B19 M/C 60T M+S and 170/60 B17 M/C 72T M+S.

The K60 Scout is a true dual-sport tire, bringing a proven balance of performance both on and off road; and the new tires are expected to perform up to the standards set by the rest of the Scout family.

The new sizes are the product of nearly two years of development work, with thousands of testing kilometers under extreme conditions.

As all members of the Scout family, the new sizes are approved up to 190km/h
(118mph) and marked "M+S".

Through modifying certain profile elements and an optimization of our special bias belted construction, the Scout enables a high driving stability – especially in curves. The tread blocks had to be altered from previous designs to allow a driving stability similar to road tires. But this has not been done at the expense of off-road performance.

To meet the requirements of the new generation of long-distance enduros, like      BMW R1200GS LC or KTM 1190 Adventure, We have used a compound, which is optimized for wet grip and mileage, and which is similar to the existing range of K60 Scouts. Thus, the balance between durability and street performance, wet grip and traction, is achieved for the tires most long-distance travelers appreciate.

The tires are expected to be available at the market in spring 2015.


New Sidecar-Tire K28 19-inch

The market success of the 4.00-18 K28 has encouraged us to add the 4.00-19 dimension to HEIDENAU’s sidecar offering.

Its large footprint allows the optimized distribution of driving forces plus reduced abrasion for longer wear.

Furthermore, the new tire construction is designed to precisely transfer the steering input to the road surface, ensuring excellent handling and braking behavior.

The tire will be available on the market in Spring, 2015.


K66 & K81 Tires for Maxi - Scooter

Well known for the wide range of scooter tires, Heidenau will enlarge its product line to include maxi-scooters. The two new products are; the sporty K81 and the well-established all-rounder, K66.

Following a long period of development and extensive test cycles, both patterns will be available in 160/60-14 M/C 65H TL dimensions. For the front, we will also offer both profiles in size 120/70-15 M/C 56H TL.

So it will soon be possible to equip maxi-scooters such as Suzuki Burgman 650, Gilera Nexus 500 or Kymco MyRoad 700, with tires from the Saxony manufactory.

The new K81 shows its special strengths with spirited sport-touring. Tread contour and carcass are specially designed to ensure precise handling and optimum feedback to the driver. Despite the sporty pattern design, the newly developed tread compound provides excellent wet performance.

The K66 is a modern all-round pattern and especially qualified for everyday use. The open tread design provides excellent water dispersion in wet conditions. The K66 scores well even on dry pavement. Especially on smooth tarred roads the tire provides an extra safety margins.

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